December 6 All Events

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December 6th, 2007 (December 06 2007)DeathKaty French, Irish Supermodel and Socialite (born in 1983)
December 6th, 2006 (December 06 2006)EventNASA reveals photographs taken by Mars Global Surveyor suggesting the presence of liquid water on Mars.
December 6th, 2006 (December 06 2006)DeathJohn Feeney, Documentary film-director (born in 1922)
December 6th, 2005 (December 06 2005)EventSeveral villagers are shot dead during protests in Dongzhou, China.
December 6th, 2005 (December 06 2005)DeathCharly Gaul, Luxembourg cyclist (born in 1932)
December 6th, 2005 (December 06 2005)DeathDevan Nair, 3rd President of Singapore (born in 1923)
December 6th, 2005 (December 06 2005)DeathDanny Williams, South African-born singer (born in 1942)
December 6th, 2004 (December 06 2004)DeathRaymond Goethals, Belgian football coach (born in 1921)
December 6th, 2003 (December 06 2003)DeathHans Hotter, German bass-baritone (born in 1909)
December 6th, 2003 (December 06 2003)DeathCarlos Manuel Arana Osorio, President of Guatemala (born in 1918)
December 6th, 2003 (December 06 2003)DeathJerry Tuite, American professional wrestler (born in 1966)
December 6th, 2002 (December 06 2002)DeathPhilip Berrigan, American civil rights activist (born in 1923)
December 6th, 2001 (December 06 2001)EventThe Canadian province of Newfoundland is renamed Newfoundland and Labrador.
December 6th, 2001 (December 06 2001)DeathSir Peter Blake, New Zealand sailor and environmentalist (born in 1948)
December 6th, 2001 (December 06 2001)DeathCharles McClendon, Hall of Fame college football coach (born in 1923)
December 6th, 2000 (December 06 2000)BirthPablo Nicolas Urdangarin y de Borbon, Spanish royal
December 6th, 2000 (December 06 2000)DeathWerner Klemperer, German-born actor (born in 1920)
December 6th, 1998 (December 06 1998)EventHugo Chavez Frias, Venezuelan military and politician, is elected President of Venezuela.
December 6th, 1997 (December 06 1997)EventA Russian Antonov An-124 transport cargo plane crashes into an apartment complex near Irkutsk, Siberia, killing 67.
December 6th, 1997 (December 06 1997)DeathBilly Bremner, Scottish footballer (born in 1942)
December 6th, 1996 (December 06 1996)DeathPete Rozelle, commissioner of the National Football League (born in 1926)
December 6th, 1995 (December 06 1995)BirthJoy Gruttmann, German singer
December 6th, 1993 (December 06 1993)DeathDon Ameche, American actor (born in 1908)
December 6th, 1992 (December 06 1992)EventExtremist Hindu activists demolish Babri Masjida 16th century mosque in Ayodhya, India which had been used as temple since 1949. Hindus believe this structure was built on the site of the birthplace of Lord Rama.
December 6th, 1992 (December 06 1992)DeathMimi Smith, maternal aunt and guardian of John Lennon (born in 1914)John Lennon Quotes
December 6th, 1991 (December 06 1991)EventIn Croatia, forces of the Yugoslav People s Army bombard Dubrovnik after laying siege to the city since May.
December 6th, 1991 (December 06 1991)DeathSir Richard Stone, British economist, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1913)
December 6th, 1990 (December 06 1990)DeathPavlos Sidiropoulos, Greek singer and songwriter (born in 1948)
December 6th, 1989 (December 06 1989)EventThe Ecole Polytechnique Massacre (or Montreal Massacre): Marc Lepine, an anti-feminist gunman, murders 14 young women at the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal.
December 6th, 1989 (December 06 1989)DeathFrances Bavier, American actress (born in 1902)
December 6th, 1989 (December 06 1989)DeathSammy Fain, American popular music composer (born in 1902)
December 6th, 1989 (December 06 1989)DeathJohn Payne, American movie actor (born in 1912)
December 6th, 1988 (December 06 1988)DeathRoy Orbison, American singer, guitarist, and songwriter (born in 1936)
December 6th, 1986 (December 06 1986)BirthCintia Dicker, Brazilian model
December 6th, 1985 (December 06 1985)BirthDulce Maria, Mexican actress and singer
December 6th, 1985 (December 06 1985)BirthRudra Pratap Singh, Indian Cricketer
December 6th, 1985 (December 06 1985)DeathBurr Tillstrom, American puppeteer (born in 1917)
December 6th, 1983 (December 06 1983)DeathLucienne Boyer, French singer (born in 1903)
December 6th, 1982 (December 06 1982)BirthSean Ervine, Zimbabwean cricketer
December 6th, 1982 (December 06 1982)BirthRyan Carnes, American actor
December 6th, 1982 (December 06 1982)BirthRobbie Gould, American football player
December 6th, 1982 (December 06 1982)BirthAlberto Contador, Spanish cyclist and 2007 Tour de France winner
December 6th, 1980 (December 06 1980)BirthSteve Lovell, British footballer
December 6th, 1980 (December 06 1980)BirthEhren Wassermann, American baseball player
December 6th, 1979 (December 06 1979)BirthTim Cahill, Australia footballer
December 6th, 1978 (December 06 1978)EventSpain approves its latest constitution in a referendum.
December 6th, 1978 (December 06 1978)BirthDarrell Jackson, American football player
December 6th, 1978 (December 06 1978)BirthChris Basak, American baseball player
December 6th, 1977 (December 06 1977)EventSouth Africa grants independence to Bophuthatswana, although it is not recognized by any other country.
December 6th, 1977 (December 06 1977)BirthKevin Cash, baseball player
December 6th, 1977 (December 06 1977)BirthAndrew Flintoff, English cricketer
December 6th, 1977 (December 06 1977)BirthPaul McVeigh, Irish footballer
December 6th, 1976 (December 06 1976)BirthColleen Haskell, American television personality
December 6th, 1976 (December 06 1976)BirthAlicia Machado, Venezuelan actress and Miss Universe
December 6th, 1976 (December 06 1976)BirthLindsay Price, American actress
December 6th, 1976 (December 06 1976)DeathJoao Goulart, President of Brazil (born in 1918)
December 6th, 1975 (December 06 1975)EventBalcombe Street Siege: An IRA Active Service Unit takes a couple hostage in Balcombe Street, London.
December 6th, 1975 (December 06 1975)BirthNoel Clarke, English actor and writer
December 6th, 1974 (December 06 1974)BirthNick Stajduhar, Canadian ice hockey player
December 6th, 1973 (December 06 1973)EventThe Twenty-fifth Amendment: The United States House of Representatives votes 387 to 35 to confirm Gerald Ford as Vice President of the United States (on November 27, the Senate confirmed him 92 to 3).Gerald Ford Quotes
December 6th, 1972 (December 06 1972)BirthRick Short, baseball player
December 6th, 1972 (December 06 1972)DeathJanet Munro, British actress (born in 1934)
December 6th, 1971 (December 06 1971)EventPakistan severs diplomatic relations with India following New Delhi s recognition of Bangladesh.
December 6th, 1971 (December 06 1971)BirthJose Contreras, Cuban baseball player
December 6th, 1971 (December 06 1971)BirthRichard Krajicek, Dutch tennis player
December 6th, 1971 (December 06 1971)BirthRyan White, American AIDS activist (died in 1990)
December 6th, 1971 (December 06 1971)BirthNaozumi Takahashi, seiyuu
December 6th, 1970 (December 06 1970)BirthUlf Ekberg, Swedish musician (Ace of Base)
December 6th, 1970 (December 06 1970)BirthEric Lemieux, Quebec keyboardist (a/k/a "La Chicane")
December 6th, 1969 (December 06 1969)EventMeredith Hunter is killed by the Hells Angels during a The Rolling Stones s concert at the Altamont Speedway in California.
December 6th, 1967 (December 06 1967)BirthHacken Lee, Hong Kong singer
December 6th, 1966 (December 06 1966)BirthNatascha Badmann, Swiss triathlete
December 6th, 1965 (December 06 1965)EventPakistan s Islamic Ideology Advisory Committee recommends that Islamic Studies be made a compulsory subject for Muslim students from primary to graduate level.
December 6th, 1965 (December 06 1965)BirthGordon Durie, Scottish footballer
December 6th, 1964 (December 06 1964)DeathConsuelo Vanderbilt (born in 1877)
December 6th, 1963 (December 06 1963)BirthUlrich Thomsen, Danish actor
December 6th, 1962 (December 06 1962)BirthJanine Turner, American actress
December 6th, 1961 (December 06 1961)BirthDavid Lovering, American drummer (Pixies)
December 6th, 1961 (December 06 1961)DeathFrantz Fanon, West Indian psychiatrist and writer (born in 1925)
December 6th, 1959 (December 06 1959)BirthSatoru Iwata, president and CEO of Nintendo
December 6th, 1958 (December 06 1958)BirthNick Park, British filmmaker and animator
December 6th, 1957 (December 06 1957)EventProject Vanguard: A launchpad explosion of Vanguard TV3 thwarts the first United States attempt to launch a satellite into Earth orbit.
December 6th, 1957 (December 06 1957)BirthAdrian Borland, English musician (The Sound) (died in 1999)
December 6th, 1956 (December 06 1956)EventA water polo match between Hungary and the USSR takes place during the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, against the backdrop of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.
December 6th, 1956 (December 06 1956)BirthPeter Buck, American guitarist (R.E.M.)
December 6th, 1956 (December 06 1956)BirthRandy Rhoads, American guitarist (died in 1982)
December 6th, 1956 (December 06 1956)DeathDr. Bhimji Ramji Ambedkar, Indian Minister of Law and architect of The Constitution of India (born in 1891)
December 6th, 1955 (December 06 1955)BirthSteven Wright, American comedianSteven Wright Quotes
December 6th, 1955 (December 06 1955)BirthRick Buckler, British drummer (The Jam)
December 6th, 1955 (December 06 1955)DeathHonus Wagner, baseball player (born in 1874)
December 6th, 1953 (December 06 1953)BirthTom Hulce, American actor
December 6th, 1953 (December 06 1953)BirthGary Ward, baseball player
December 6th, 1952 (December 06 1952)BirthRick Charlesworth, Australian hockey player
December 6th, 1952 (December 06 1952)BirthCraig Newmark, founder of craigslist
December 6th, 1951 (December 06 1951)BirthGerry Francis, English footballer and manager
December 6th, 1951 (December 06 1951)DeathHarold Ross, American magazine editor (born in 1892)
December 6th, 1950 (December 06 1950)BirthJoe Hisaishi, Japanese composer
December 6th, 1949 (December 06 1949)BirthLinda Creed, American songwriter (died in 1986)
December 6th, 1949 (December 06 1949)BirthDoug Marlette, American editorial cartoonist (died in 2007)
December 6th, 1949 (December 06 1949)DeathLeadbelly, American musician (born in 1888)
December 6th, 1948 (December 06 1948)BirthJoBeth Williams, American actress
December 6th, 1948 (December 06 1948)BirthKeke Rosberg, Finnish race car driver and one-time F1 world champion
December 6th, 1948 (December 06 1948)BirthMarius Muller-Westernhagen, German actor and musician
December 6th, 1947 (December 06 1947)EventThe Everglades National Park in Florida is dedicated.
December 6th, 1947 (December 06 1947)BirthLawrence Cannon, Canadian politician
December 6th, 1947 (December 06 1947)BirthMiroslav Vitous, Czech jazz musician
December 6th, 1945 (December 06 1945)BirthShekhar Kapur, Indian filmmaker
December 6th, 1945 (December 06 1945)BirthLarry Bowa, baseball player and Major League manager
December 6th, 1945 (December 06 1945)BirthDan Harrington, American poker player
December 6th, 1942 (December 06 1942)BirthPeter Handke, Austrian writer
December 6th, 1941 (December 06 1941)EventWorld War II: The United Kingdom declares war on Finland in support of the Soviet Union during the Continuation War.
December 6th, 1941 (December 06 1941)BirthRichard Speck, American mass murderer (died in 1991)
December 6th, 1940 (December 06 1940)BirthLawrence Bergman, Quebec politician
December 6th, 1940 (December 06 1940)BirthRichard Edlund, American special effects photographer
December 6th, 1938 (December 06 1938)BirthPatrick Bauchau, Belgian actor
December 6th, 1937 (December 06 1937)BirthAlberto Spencer, Ecuadorian footballer (died in 2006)
December 6th, 1936 (December 06 1936)BirthKenneth Copeland, American televangelist
December 6th, 1936 (December 06 1936)BirthDavid Ossman, American comedian
December 6th, 1935 (December 06 1935)BirthJean Lapointe, Quebec comedian, singer and senator
December 6th, 1934 (December 06 1934)DeathDuke Charles Michael of Mecklenburg, head of the House of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (born in 1863)
December 6th, 1933 (December 06 1933)EventU.S. federal judge John M. Woolsey rules that the James Joyce s novel Ulysses is not obscene.James Joyce Quotes
December 6th, 1933 (December 06 1933)BirthHenryk Gorecki, Polish composer
December 6th, 1931 (December 06 1931)BirthZeki Muren, Turkish actor, singer, and composer (died in 1996)
December 6th, 1930 (December 06 1930)BirthDaniel Lisulo, Prime Minister of Zambia
December 6th, 1929 (December 06 1929)BirthAlain Tanner, Swiss filmmaker
December 6th, 1929 (December 06 1929)BirthNikolaus Harnoncourt, German conductor
December 6th, 1929 (December 06 1929)BirthFrank Springer, American comics artist
December 6th, 1928 (December 06 1928)BirthBobby Van, American singer (died in 1980)
December 6th, 1924 (December 06 1924)BirthWally Cox, American actor (died in 1973)
December 6th, 1924 (December 06 1924)DeathGene Stratton-Porter, American author, screenwriter and naturalist (born in 1863)
December 6th, 1922 (December 06 1922)EventOne year to the day after the signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty, the Irish Free State comes into existence.
December 6th, 1922 (December 06 1922)BirthJohn Henry Cound Brunt, Victoria Cross holder (died in 1944)
December 6th, 1921 (December 06 1921)EventThe Anglo-Irish Treaty is signed in London by British and Irish representatives.
December 6th, 1921 (December 06 1921)BirthOtto Graham, American football player (died in 2003)
December 6th, 1921 (December 06 1921)BirthPiero Piccioni, Italian musician and composer (died in 2004)
December 6th, 1920 (December 06 1920)BirthDave Brubeck, American pianist and composer
December 6th, 1920 (December 06 1920)BirthGeorge Porter, British chemist, Nobel laureate (died in 2002)
December 6th, 1919 (December 06 1919)BirthPaul de Man, Belgian-born literary critic (died in 1983)
December 6th, 1917 (December 06 1917)EventFinland declares independence from Russia.
December 6th, 1917 (December 06 1917)EventHalifax Explosion: In Canada, a munitions explosion kills more than 1900 people and destroys part of the City of Halifax, Nova Scotia.
December 6th, 1917 (December 06 1917)BirthKamal Jumblatt, leader of the Lebanese Druze (died in 1977)
December 6th, 1917 (December 06 1917)BirthIrv Robbins, Canadian-American entrepreneur (died in 2008)
December 6th, 1916 (December 06 1916)EventWorld War I: The Central Powers capture Bucharest.
December 6th, 1916 (December 06 1916)BirthHugo Peretti, American songwriter and record producer (died in 1986)
December 6th, 1916 (December 06 1916)BirthKristjan Eldjarn, Curator at the National Museum of Iceland and 3rd president of Iceland (died in 1982)
December 6th, 1913 (December 06 1913)BirthKarl Haas, German-American music educator (died in 2005)
December 6th, 1913 (December 06 1913)BirthEleanor Holm, American swimmer (died in 2004)
December 6th, 1908 (December 06 1908)BirthPierre Graber, Swiss Federal Councilor (died in 2003)
December 6th, 1908 (December 06 1908)BirthBaby Face Nelson, American bank robber (died in 1934)
December 6th, 1907 (December 06 1907)EventA coal mine explosion at Monongah, West Virginia kills 362 workers.
December 6th, 1905 (December 06 1905)BirthJames J. Braddock, American boxer (died in 1974)
December 6th, 1904 (December 06 1904)BirthEve Curie French writer (died in 2007)
December 6th, 1903 (December 06 1903)BirthTony Lazzeri, American baseball player (died in 1946)
December 6th, 1900 (December 06 1900)BirthAgnes Moorehead, American actress (died in 1974)
December 6th, 1898 (December 06 1898)BirthAlfred Eisenstaedt, German-born photojournalist (died in 1995)
December 6th, 1898 (December 06 1898)BirthGunnar Myrdal, Swedish economist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics (died in 1987)
December 6th, 1897 (December 06 1897)EventLondon becomes the world s first city to host licenced taxicabs.
December 6th, 1896 (December 06 1896)BirthIra Gershwin, American lyricist (died in 1983)Ira Gershwin Quotes
December 6th, 1892 (December 06 1892)BirthSir Osbert Sitwell, British author (died in 1969)
December 6th, 1892 (December 06 1892)DeathErnst Werner von Siemens, German inventor and industrialist (born in 1816)
December 6th, 1890 (December 06 1890)BirthRudolf Schlichter, German artist and writer (died in 1955)
December 6th, 1890 (December 06 1890)BirthYoshio Nishina, Japanese physicist (died in 1951)
December 6th, 1890 (December 06 1890)BirthDion Fortune, British occultist (died in 1946)
December 6th, 1889 (December 06 1889)DeathJefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America (born in 1808)
December 6th, 1888 (December 06 1888)BirthWill Hay, English comedian and actor (died in 1949)
December 6th, 1887 (December 06 1887)BirthJoseph Lamb, American ragtime composer (died in 1960)
December 6th, 1886 (December 06 1886)BirthJoyce Kilmer, American poet (died in 1918)Joyce Kilmer Quotes
December 6th, 1884 (December 06 1884)EventThe Washington Monument in Washington D.C. is completed.
December 6th, 1882 (December 06 1882)DeathAnthony Trollope, British author (born in 1815)Anthony Trollope Quotes
December 6th, 1882 (December 06 1882)DeathAlfred Escher, Swiss politician and railroad entrepreneur (born in 1819)
December 6th, 1879 (December 06 1879)DeathErastus Brigham Bigelow, American industrialist (born in 1814)
December 6th, 1877 (December 06 1877)EventThe first edition of the Washington Post is published.
December 6th, 1876 (December 06 1876)BirthFred Duesenberg, German-born automobile pioneer (died in 1932)
December 6th, 1875 (December 06 1875)BirthEvelyn Underhill, British poet (died in 1941)
December 6th, 1872 (December 06 1872)BirthWilliam S. Hart, American actor (died in 1946)
December 6th, 1868 (December 06 1868)DeathAugust Schleicher, German linguist (born in 1821)
December 6th, 1867 (December 06 1867)DeathJean Pierre Flourens, French physician (born in 1794)
December 6th, 1865 (December 06 1865)EventThe Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution is ratified, banning slavery.
December 6th, 1863 (December 06 1863)BirthCharles Martin Hall, American chemist (died in 1914)
December 6th, 1855 (December 06 1855)DeathWilliam John Swainson, English naturalist and artist (born in 1789)John Wain Quotes
December 6th, 1853 (December 06 1853)BirthHaraprasad Shastri, Indian academic, Sanskrit scholar, archivist and historian of Bengali literature (died in 1931)
December 6th, 1849 (December 06 1849)EventAmerican abolitionist Harriet Tubman escapes from slavery.
December 6th, 1849 (December 06 1849)BirthAugust von Mackensen, German field marshal (died in 1945)
December 6th, 1845 (December 06 1845)EventAlpha Sigma Phi Fraternity is founded at Yale College.
December 6th, 1841 (December 06 1841)BirthFrederic Bazille, French painter (died in 1870)
December 6th, 1833 (December 06 1833)BirthJohn Singleton Mosby, American Confederate guerrilla leader (died in 1916)
December 6th, 1823 (December 06 1823)BirthFriedrich Max Muller, German orientalist (died in 1900)
December 6th, 1812 (December 06 1812)BirthRobert Spear Hudson, English businessman (died in 1884)
December 6th, 1805 (December 06 1805)BirthAdolf Reubke, German organ builder (died in 1875)
December 6th, 1805 (December 06 1805)BirthJean Eugene Robert-Houdin, French magician (died in 1861)
December 6th, 1792 (December 06 1792)BirthKing William II of the Netherlands (died in 1849)William King Quotes
December 6th, 1790 (December 06 1790)EventThe U.S. Congress moves from New York City to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
December 6th, 1788 (December 06 1788)DeathJonathan Shipley, British bishop and politician (born in 1714)
December 6th, 1779 (December 06 1779)DeathJean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin, French painter (born in 1699)
December 6th, 1778 (December 06 1778)BirthJoseph Louis Gay-Lussac, French physicist and chemist (died in 1850)
December 6th, 1771 (December 06 1771)DeathGiovanni Battista Morgagni, Italian anatomist (born in 1682)
December 6th, 1768 (December 06 1768)EventThe first edition of the Encyclop?dia Britannica is published.
December 6th, 1752 (December 06 1752)BirthGabriel Duvall, Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (died in 1844)
December 6th, 1746 (December 06 1746)DeathLady Grizel Baillie, Scottish songwriter (born in 1665)
December 6th, 1721 (December 06 1721)BirthJames Elphinston, British philologist (died in 1809) Philo Quotes
December 6th, 1721 (December 06 1721)BirthGuillaume-Chretien de Lamoignon de Malesherbes, French statesman (died in 1794)
December 6th, 1718 (December 06 1718)DeathNicholas Rowe, English poet and dramatist (born in 1674)
December 6th, 1716 (December 06 1716)DeathBenedictus Buns, Dutch Carmelite and composer (born in 1642)
December 6th, 1685 (December 06 1685)BirthMarie-Adelaide of Savoy, mother of Louis XV of France died in 1712
December 6th, 1675 (December 06 1675)DeathJohn Lightfoot, English churchman (born in 1602)
December 6th, 1672 (December 06 1672)DeathKing John II Casimir of Poland (born in 1609)
December 6th, 1658 (December 06 1658)DeathBaltasar Gracian y Morales, Spanish writer (born in 1601)Baltasar Gracian Quotes
December 6th, 1648 (December 06 1648)EventColonel Pride of the New Model Army purges the Long Parliament of MPs sympathetic to King Charles I of England, in order for the King s trial to go ahead; came to be known as "Pride s Purge".
December 6th, 1642 (December 06 1642)BirthJohann Christoph Bach, German composer (died in 1703)
December 6th, 1640 (December 06 1640)BirthClaude Fleury, French historian (died in 1723)
December 6th, 1637 (December 06 1637)BirthSir Edmund Andros, English governor in North America (died in 1714)
December 6th, 1618 (December 06 1618)DeathJacques-Davy Duperron, French cardinal (born in 1556)
December 6th, 1608 (December 06 1608)BirthGeorge Monck, 1st Duke of Albemarle, English soldier (died in 1670)
December 6th, 1586 (December 06 1586)BirthNiccolo Zucchi, Italian astronomer (died in 1670)
December 6th, 1562 (December 06 1562)DeathJan van Scorel Dutch painter and architect
December 6th, 1550 (December 06 1550)BirthOrazio Vecchi, Italian composer (baptism) (died in 1605)
December 6th, 1534 (December 06 1534)EventThe city of Quito in Ecuador is founded by Spanish settlers led by Sebastian de Belalcazar.
December 6th, 1478 (December 06 1478)BirthBaldassare Castiglione, Italian diplomat and author (died in 1529)
December 6th, 1421 (December 06 1421)BirthKing Henry VI of England (died in 1471)
December 6th, 1352 (December 06 1352)DeathPope Clement VI (born in 1291)
December 6th, 1285 (December 06 1285)BirthKing Ferdinand IV of Castile (died in 1312)
December 6th, 1240 (December 06 1240)EventMongol invasion of Rus: Kiev under Danylo of Halych and Voivode Dmytro falls to the Mongols under Batu Khan.
December 6th, 1185 (December 06 1185)DeathKing Afonso I of Portugal (born in 1109)
December 6th, 1060 (December 06 1060)EventBela I of Hungary is crowned king of Hungary
December 6th, 0846 (December 06 0846)BirthHasan al-Askari, Shia Imam (died in 874)
December 6th, 0343 (December 06 0343)DeathSaint Nicholas

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