December 6 2006

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December 6th, 2006 (December 06 2006)EventNASA reveals photographs taken by Mars Global Surveyor suggesting the presence of liquid water on Mars.
December 6th, 2006 (December 06 2006)DeathJohn Feeney, Documentary film-director (born in 1922)
December 6th, 1996 (December 06 1996)DeathPete Rozelle, commissioner of the National Football League (born in 1926)
December 6th, 1986 (December 06 1986)BirthCintia Dicker, Brazilian model
December 6th, 1976 (December 06 1976)BirthColleen Haskell, American television personality
December 6th, 1976 (December 06 1976)BirthAlicia Machado, Venezuelan actress and Miss Universe
December 6th, 1976 (December 06 1976)BirthLindsay Price, American actress
December 6th, 1976 (December 06 1976)DeathJoao Goulart, President of Brazil (born in 1918)
December 6th, 1966 (December 06 1966)BirthNatascha Badmann, Swiss triathlete
December 6th, 1956 (December 06 1956)EventA water polo match between Hungary and the USSR takes place during the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, against the backdrop of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.
December 6th, 1956 (December 06 1956)BirthPeter Buck, American guitarist (R.E.M.)
December 6th, 1956 (December 06 1956)BirthRandy Rhoads, American guitarist (died in 1982)
December 6th, 1956 (December 06 1956)DeathDr. Bhimji Ramji Ambedkar, Indian Minister of Law and architect of The Constitution of India (born in 1891)
December 6th, 1936 (December 06 1936)BirthKenneth Copeland, American televangelist
December 6th, 1936 (December 06 1936)BirthDavid Ossman, American comedian
December 6th, 1916 (December 06 1916)EventWorld War I: The Central Powers capture Bucharest.
December 6th, 1916 (December 06 1916)BirthHugo Peretti, American songwriter and record producer (died in 1986)
December 6th, 1916 (December 06 1916)BirthKristjan Eldjarn, Curator at the National Museum of Iceland and 3rd president of Iceland (died in 1982)
December 6th, 1896 (December 06 1896)BirthIra Gershwin, American lyricist (died in 1983)Ira Gershwin Quotes
December 6th, 1886 (December 06 1886)BirthJoyce Kilmer, American poet (died in 1918)Joyce Kilmer Quotes
December 6th, 1876 (December 06 1876)BirthFred Duesenberg, German-born automobile pioneer (died in 1932)
December 6th, 1746 (December 06 1746)DeathLady Grizel Baillie, Scottish songwriter (born in 1665)
December 6th, 1716 (December 06 1716)DeathBenedictus Buns, Dutch Carmelite and composer (born in 1642)
December 6th, 1586 (December 06 1586)BirthNiccolo Zucchi, Italian astronomer (died in 1670)
December 6th, 0846 (December 06 0846)BirthHasan al-Askari, Shia Imam (died in 874)

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